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April 2023

‘I am black I am woman’ is an intimate exploration of my own identity and sense of representation as a black woman. I have presented different representations and perspectives of what could have been, what currently is, what will be through this series of six photographs that are based in experiences lived by me and women in my life.
These representations depict how others perceived me as black woman, but also my own perspective of who I believe I am as a black woman in my own terms.
I have faced myself and the stereotypes I grew up hearing about as a black woman by creating self-portraits that connect me and woman in my family and life that I considered key influencers in the construction of my identity and the way I feel represented and the way I present myself to the world.
As self-portraits, they reflect faces of my family and heritage primarily key woman in my life: my grandmother, Mother, sisters etc… These figures have deeply influenced how I present myself to the world.
‘I am woman I am black’ is a reminder to me that, as a black woman that, I am proud of who I am, my heritage and the woman that came before me. It is also a reminder that I must always fight for what I want and should never allow set standards created by other people to define me, because at the end of the day, we are all single limited versions of ourselves, therefore we cannot be labelled.

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